XLR8 MagazineNat Clarxon (NJC) Dholi Runner Function/UK/12 | Gangsters Life (Feat. Bongo Chilli) Cosmic Web/UK/12

“Coming on strong in the past year, Nat Clarxon (aka NJC) drops a pair that proves the buzz is well deserved. Check the Hindi-influenced “Dholi Runner” before hitting the analog-driven flip, “Island’, for a glimpse of Nat’s unique take on percussion. When you’re to start really moving, dip into the Cosmic Web label, where Nat turns it up a notch, dropping jaws on the crossover killer “Gangsters Life” before easing into the heavy-duty “Longness.” Centered on smoking beats ill vocal stabs and an irresistibly chunky b-line, Nat knocks shit straight out of the ballpark once again, proving he’s here to stay.”

Written by Chris Muniz, XLR8 Magazine, USA.

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